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With the holidays approaching, it’s important to ensure that your decorations don’t end up in a complete mess after the holiday season ends. Maybe you’re dreading decorating because you remember the stress of storing all of your decorations last year. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Whatever stage you’re at in the decorating process, here are some of our best tips for organizing your holiday decor this season and beyond.

Start going through your decorations early

If you know you want to decorate on a particular date, start gradually going through your decorations ahead of time. When you go through the decorations, donate everything that is not associated with a happy memory. De-cluttering will help with further organization and it will keep only positive memories associated with decorating. Sometimes, decorating and organizing can be stressful, so starting early and in small doses can help alleviate the stress so that you feel more joyful and prepared when it comes time to actually begin decorating.

Protect your decorations

You should prioritize protecting all of your holiday decorations so they last year after year. No matter the value of each item, each piece of holiday decor should be stored and organized so that it is protected for years to come. Some ways you can consider keeping your decorations safe include:

  • Protect your glassware by ensuring each glass item is wrapped carefully.

  • Reuse egg cartons as storage for smaller ornaments and trinkets.

  • Store all of your decorations in a dry environment to protect against mold and mildew damage.

  • Use small bins for heavy items so that they are easier to life and you are less likely to drop them.

  • Don’t pack too many decorations in one box: packing too much in one area will cause some items to become crushed or damaged under the weight of others.

Keep track of what you own

It is important to keep up to date and organized with the decorations that you already own so you do not lose track and repurchase items that you may not need to. This will save you money and time when you do your annual holiday decorating. To keep your decorations organized, you should store everything in one area of your home, such as a storage closet, an attic or basement, or even in an organized manner under your bed. Don’t mix your holiday decorations together: keep Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and all other holidays separated in different boxes. Additionally, you should be able to tell what is inside each storage box without having to open it. Use clear plastic storage bins so you can see inside, label each box clearly, and even take pictures of your decorations while they are up and use those photos as labels for each storage box. If all of your decorations are intentionally organized and stored in specific places, you are more likely to keep them that way when it comes time to pack them away at the end of the season.

These are our best tips for keeping your holiday decorations organized year after year. How do you like to organize your decor?


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With the holidays approaching, it’s important to ensure that your decorations don’t end up in a complete mess after the holiday season ends. Maybe you’re dreading decorating because you

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